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Toss and Catch Game Set, Ball Sports Games with 2 Paddles 1 Ball and 1 Storage Bag, Classic Outdoor Games, Beach Games, Yard Games Suitable for Kids Gift Ideal


Create hours of your own fun with the Velcro Catch Game Set! With two included catch discs and one fuzzy ball, it's easy to make your own games and rules any place you have room indoors or outside. This set is perfect for the beach, the park, the front or back yard or even in basements or kids' play rooms. The catch discs stay securely attached to hands with the back strap making it easy even for younger children to have hours of fun catching the fuzzy ball on the Velcro-like surface. Great for teaching hand-eye coordination, the Velcro Catch Game Set is a great gift for kids ages three and up.

Velcro Catch Game Set with 2 Catch Discs and 1 Ball, Colors May Vary

  • Creates hours of fun
  • Includes two catch discs and one ball
  • Fuzzy ball sticks to the Velcro-like surface of the catch disc easily
  • Catch discs securely attach to hands with the included straps
  • Make up your own rules and games for limitless play activities whether indoors or outside
  • Excellent for healthy play and good aerobic activity
  • Makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, Hanukah, and more
  • Designed for use by children ages 3 and up