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Ja-Ru Air Max Ring Flyer Frisbee Disc with Flex Grip | Outdoors Glider Ultimate Sports Pro Beach Toys Flying Discs for Kids & Adult. Safe, Soft & Professional

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This Ja-Ru Super Flyer Disc lets you play the classic Professional frisbee game beachside or maybe at the Park with friends and even in your own backyard because it doesn't matter if its wet or dry! This frisbee works fine both ways. The Air max ring flyer outdoor flying disc stands above the competition with the best hang time on the market. 

Imagine how much fun your child will have at the pool throwing and catching the disk with friends and family while remaining active! This fun and classic game is easy to play and allow your kids to exercise and develop hand to eye coordination skills

Fly faster and farther! Get maximum airtime with this long distance flying ring. The 11-1/2" outer diameter ring features a soft rubberized inner and outer ring molded over a plastic core. Inside diameter is 8-1/2". The softer material makes it easier and more comfortable to catch, while the harder plastic core maximizes flight distance and durability. Color may vary.